Running Poems

I’m at work,
I hear you whisper.
I day dream,
How many hours till I run again.
Louder this time,
I’m running tempo now,
You’re in my head,
An amazing workout.
You’re screaming.
I’m there, but yet so far away,
Soon, Boston, soon.
DER October 24, 2014
We are Marathoners

We are Marathoners,

We run,

When asked why,

We give the typical response

For fitness and fun,

For those close to us,

We may share our real demons,

On a run.


We train for 20 weeks a year for the hardest event in our sport,

To qualify for the Boston Marathon,

Many try and all but a few fall short.

In 2014, a tougher event will happen,

beat the demons of the 2013 Boston Marathon day.

From around the world runners, family and friends will unite,

to support those running and others who were affected on that day.

The loneliness of the long distance runner,

has been changed forever,

with the love and support of all who have said

“this will not stop us, but make us stronger”

We are marathoners,

We run.

DER April 14, 2014


I run


I run

I smile

I laugh

I share

I learn

I teach

I love

I cry

I run

I smile

I hurt

I heal

I run

I laugh

I dream

I run

DER December 2, 2013

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