I challenge Dennis Kimetto to a race

Dennis Kimetto, I challenge you to race against me in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 19, 2014.

Yes, I know you just set the worlds record for the marathon this past weekend in Berlin in a wicked time of 2:02:57. Congratulations, on this amazing feat of the feet. However, did you know that my training for this marathon had me running hills every Tuesday morning at 6:00 am with an awesome group of friends that includes an Ironman, running for fun with the Forks Market Run Cub on Tuesday evenings, Tempo runs with YPOM on Wednesday evenings from the Running Room with even more Ironman finishers and other fabulous runners and triathletes, long runs on Saturday mornings with FMG which includes some of the best age group athletes and story tellers in Canada. I even manage some solo speed workouts and also run with others that I meet on the road. I incorporate hot yoga into my weekly workout routine to keep me and my core in top shape My support crew is second to none providing me with the time to train and nutritious meals and support as I miss out on family events, and cheering me on at my races, they also put up with my idioscyncrnisities on race weekends. I also have a great physiotherapist who keeps me on the road. I hope I haven’t intimidated you with my workout routine. This wasn’t my intention. I just want you to know that I am serious about this race and am in great shape and am ready to race to win.

Dennis, I know your probably thinking, “David I’m 27 years younger than you, it wouldn’t be a fair race.” Yes, that’s true Dennis so here’s what we’ll do, I’ll let you give me an hour head start. I do promise you a race should we meet in the final 385 yards before the finish line.

If you are unable make this race I understand and won’t hold it against you. I’ll just add an hour to your world record time as your result and if I run faster than 3:02:57 I win. If I’m slower than 3:02:57 you win.

You might be asking what’s in it for you. Bragging rights for the day is all I can offer. The next day all bragging stops and we concentrate on the next goal. Mine will be to break 3:00 hours in Boston in April 2015. Perhaps you will be there and we can consider another wager.

Until the day we meet enjoy the accolades from the world for your unparalleled achievement and know I have your number (2:02:57 plus slightly less than a hour) in my sights.