Back to School

September 9th, Back to School.

I’m training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to be held on October 19th. Currently on week 15 of a 20 week program. I’m doing this to keep my fitness level up before I start up my training for the Boston Marathon on December 1st.

My training has been going well compared to my past 3 marathons. Two in 2011 (Fargo and Toronto) and one earlier this year (Vancouver). My total weekly mileage is the similar to the past three as well as the number and length of my long runs. For a summary of my weekly mileage and length of long runs click here>>> STWM training Where I’m different from the three is my current lack of speed-work, but am getting hill training in on Tuesday mornings at 6am. My pace on my long runs at week 15 is 30 sec/mile faster than when I was at week 15 in training for the Toronto marathon in 2011. Scary and awesome at the same time. Last weeks 20 miler was at 7m18s/mile.

September being a back to school month for many, Here’s some of what I’ve learned this month.

1. I thought maybe a beef Ka-bob on the BBQ would be ok as the pieces of meat looked small the night before a long run. Wrong! I felt that meat in my stomach for the whole run.

2. On a progression run on a Thursday evening my last mile of a 7 mile run was at 6m08s/mile pace and I had an 18 miler scheduled for the Saturday morning. My legs were still tight Saturday morning and I had to start out slowly, but eventually they loosened up. Would I do it again. No! leave a tempo/progression run for Wednesday at the latest.

3. Started using electrolyte replacement drinks during training. So far I have started this on my long runs and it works great. I used to get tired from just drinking water. My mind seems fresher after the electrolyte runs. I am now having one the evening before the long runs.

4. Hill training has been great. Yes we start at 6 am, but I think its helping. Some of my tempo runs for a 10km run have been near PB speeds. This week they were 2 minutes slower than the two 10km races I ran earlier this summer. Either the hills are working or I’m getting stronger/faster. A bit of both.

5. Sunrise is close to 7am and sunset is before 8pm. Better start getting used to running in the dark and start wearing lights.

6. Its also stating to get cooler during the runs. Have to start wearing layers.