Meet you at the Duck Pond.

Spoiler Alert, The Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park has nothing to do with this story. When meeting up to start a run or to have a destination for a run, the Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park is referenced. However, it’s the building beside the Duck Pond that is usually referred to.
The building houses some important qualities for runners; washrooms and a water fountain are two primary ones. In the winter months it is heated and has a gas fireplace. In the summer months the nine glass overhead doors on three sides of the building are open providing for easy access and the building is a sun shelter. The fourth side is for the washrooms.
The building is also used by other groups and individuals as a meeting point and to serve its function as a public washroom for users of the Park. As a skate shack for those skating on the Duck Pond and a warm up shack for those tobogganing on the nearby hill in the winter and a picnic shelter in the summer. Hobbyist will use it as a gathering point for assembling their miniature remote controlled boats which they motor around in the Duck Pond. For numerous years as the start and finish area of many a road race, the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon and the Phsyio Fit running events to name a few. Recent changes in the operation of the Park have discontinued the use of the Duck Pond as the start and finish area for races in the Park.
For me it’s like a beacon calling me in for a break on my runs. When I run from home, it’s 2.5 miles from the door at my house to the door of the Duck Pond. A great half-way point on a 5 mile run. If I run eight miles from home I add in a loop of the Park stopping in at the Duck Pond each time as I pass. When we start at the Forks Market for our longer runs and the Duck Pond is part of the route, we stop in. In the winter months the space in the building is welcome as we take off our jackets, hats and mitts to dry by the fire as we use the facilities as well as have our gels and drink from the fountain. Our Wednesday runs starting and finishing at the Running Room on Kenaston has most of us stopping in at mile 3.5 of a 6 mile run.
Parking is free and close by. Most days you will see other runners there and there is a good chance you will know them. If not, then strike up a conversation and you soon will.
Most runners know of numerous runner friendly establishments around town that allow runners to use the washrooms and provide water at no charge. The Duck Pond (building) is my favorite