What is FMG?

FMG stands for Forks Marathon Group.

The next question that follows usually, is “oh ummmm ummm, You run marathons?”, usually from non runners. I go on answering all the unasked questions.

Yes, we meet at the Forks Market on Saturday mornings to start our runs at 7am. If you’re late, you’re running alone as we start at 7am sharp, unless you’re in the washroom or having a drink of water. Then we may wait for you, but we have been known to forget someone in the washroom. Some pre-run and start at 6am and loop around St Boniface and meet the rest of the group at 7am. But if the pre-run group is late returning, the 7am group leaves without them, and the pre-run group actually get upset if we purposely wait for them. Then there is the pre-pre-run group that starts at 5am. Most people just get the we start at 7am answer.

I’ve been running with the group for the past two years and have heard vague references to rules. The first rule is that we have no rules. The second rule is that we start at 7am sharp, no waiting. See above for exceptions to this rule. A third rule is that we run outside every Saturday regardless of the weather, but we have been known to run indoors during really cold blustery winter mornings. The fourth rule refers back to the first rule that there are no rules.

Do we always meet at the Forks? No, we have been known to start at the Duck Pond or at someone’s house. If we start somewhere else other than the Forks then there is a good reason and it usually revolves around food. Food always prevails even at the Forks after each run. So if you have 20 miles to run and the rest of the group is running 13 miles, there is a good chance you are going to pre-run so you can get your miles in and have breakfast with the group.

Eating food, drinking coffee and socializing after the runs sometimes takes as much time as our run’s and is considered an essential part of the run. Sometimes we don’t run and just get together for the food and company.

The Boston Marathon is the focus marathon for most during the winter training, but some have run other marathons in the spring. The summer/fall marathons vary in location each year, with most of the group running two marathons a year. Some have been known to run four a year.

The Saturday run is our long run of the week. During the week most of the FMG run on their own or with other runners that are not part of FMG, but some run with FMG during the week.

We run a 8 min/mile pace is generally the answer we give people. But we have been known to run under 7 min/mile and over 9 min/mile on occasions, depending on where we are in our training or recovery for/from a marathon, or if someone is injured. Some ride along on their bike during injury periods.

During our runs we attempt to solve and or understand the worlds problems and appreciate the worlds blessings. This also carries over to breakfast conversations.

Lets see, I’ve covered starting times, rules, distances, pace, races, food and socializing.

I could have shortened my answer by answering the unasked question by saying. The Forks Marathon Group meets Saturdays at 7am at the Forks Market and trains for marathons. We run an 8 min/mile pace and in the winter train for the Boston Marathon. After our runs we have a breakfast. But that wouldn’t quite do it.

A better shorter answer would be, The Forks Marathon Group is very important to me and I miss it when I’m unable to run with them.

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  1. I enjoy running with the group when my ability allows me to keep up, and I’m thankful for the friendship they bring.

    I can respect the rules as some days we are capable and when we aren’t we don’t wish others to sacrifice their objectives for the day, knowing they’ll be along side us when we are able.


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