Friday again!

OK, I’m posting this on a Thursday with four days left in my running week and wondering, “Will I get my mileage in by Sunday evening?”. Friday has typically been my one planned day off during the week. Out of the past six weeks there have been only two weeks where I have had one day off for a total of 13 days off over 42 days, just over two days per week. However, on two of the on days I have run twice a day. Hills at 6am and a tempo run at 6pm. I am planning on continuing the two run days for one day a week as it is fun. Yes I said fun. After the first few steps in the evening I do wonder what am I doing and then as quickly as that thought comes, it goes away as I settle into the rhythm of the run.

During the winter months I took the opportunity to go to a Hot Yoga class on Friday evenings. I’m not sure if the yoga is helping me with my stretching. But I sure feel good after the class. I am not stretching after most of my runs. Lazy is probably the correct answer as to the reason why, but I have not been having any issues with my legs feeling tight so I tend to forget about stretching. Getting to Hot Yoga during the summer has been difficult, but I’m missing it. Saturday is my scheduled long run day and with cottage season upon us, I have been cutting some of these short and adding the miles to my Sunday run. Its not the same and the solution is to start earlier in the morning on Saturday to get the miles in.

My average mileage at week 6 in training is 40 miles/week which equals my average for my last three marathons, so I am on track distance wise. I’m also running at a faster pace than I was in week 6 (last week of January 2014) during training for the Vancouver Marathon. This is not hard to do, as I remember those minus 30 degree days where a lot of my runs were indoors on a 12 laps per mile track or outdoors in the cold snow filled streets. I am in better shape now running at a 7m30s/ mile pace than in January where a 8m30s/mile pace was the norm for an eight mile run. I do want to get my average up to 50 miles per week.

I should be running a 15 mile long run on Saturday as my minimum now and building up to 18 miles as my minimum by week 10. This is where I’m falling behind. My average long run now is 11 miles, with one 19 miler in there. Since there are no shortcuts to training, I will be waking up early and running 15 miles this Saturday.

So with one day off already this week and 18.73 miles run, I have 31.27 miles to cover over the next 4 days or over 3 days of running, as I still plan on taking Friday off.

Words to remember, No short cuts in training!, Wake up early!