The Length of a Wellington Mile

So a Scientist (let’s call him James) and an Engineer (let’s call him David) run a race (say the Wellington Mile) and David finishes first in 6 minutes and 5 seconds and James finishes second in 6 minutes and 2 seconds. How fast were they running? Right, it is a trick question. Yes, it was the same race and the both started at the same time. Answer, it doesn’t matter as they both had fun.
The inaugural Wellington Mile race held on June 29th, brain child of Kristen from Minneapolis who participated (and had fun) in similar race held in St. Paul’s wanted to bring that fun to Winnipeg where she now resides and runs. She has planned two more mile races this summer to put into your race/fun calendar. (July 27th and August 24th, both at 9am). It is an informal race or casual run, with no: fees, registration, medals, shirts, loot bags, bag checks, fees, start line banner, live bands, water stations, aid stations, posted results, chip timing, timing, certified course, finish line and to re-empathize no fees but lots of fun.
Yes that’s right no finish line. It’s a time yourself race, and if your GPS watch beeps a mile then you’re finished. So the question you asked earlier, how did David get to the finish line before James, if David’s time was slower than James’s? Well, David ran farther than James and got to his line before James got to his. Confused yet?  Don’t worry. Come run and tell your own story after.
Mark July 27th and/or August 24th on your calendar, start line at Wellington and Guelph for your chance to have fun at running your version of the mile. For those not trusting their own GPS watch, a Scientist and an Engineer will have the course measured before then. Expect the finish line at or near Borebank.