Technology is not running

Leaving my blog for the past 2 years, (has it really been that long) and having a very weak password had left it open to hacking. Some additional words were added to earlier posts and access to all posts were compromised. I have attempted to read all my posts and correct them, changed my password and added captcha security to get into the blog. So hopefully none were offended by seeing the occasional out of place pharmaceutical word in my stories. If I have missed any please email me: [email protected] and let me know.

I’m also trying to make the site more user friendly for smarter than me phones. Help! All this while I try and figure out how to correct Garmin’s problem in downloading my runs to Garmin connect. It worked for two weeks, then it didn’t. After numerous back and forth emails with Garmin and a few hours of not running while trying to follow the instructions they gave, I still haven’t got it working. Which may be a good thing as I tend to over analyze the results. Now, I just type in the basic info onto a spread sheet (date, distance, time, pace and shoe) and look forward to the next run, which will be tomorrow morning at 6 am.