Starting Again

Do we ever stop being a runner. Life gets in the way. What other excuse have I used in the past to not get out there and run. The same can be said for my writing. Just like my legs were willing to run, my mind was full of stories. My legs didn’t get the exercise they wanted and my stories collected cob webs as they bounced around my head.

So today is the start of my blog chronicling my training for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Yeah, I tried this before. In 2012 my kidneys decided that I needed to spend a few months in bed so no Boston that year. Then in 2013 a blood clot as a result of the kidney disease sidelined me a month before the marathon. This time the Doctor ordered me not to run. So I did have one valid excuse not to run. But like any good runner I just found another Doctor who told me what I wanted to hear. Well after a satisfactory bone marrow biopsy. Note, do not ever volunteer to have a bone marrow biopsy. Both Doctors were involved in the decision to let me run again. What a happy day.

So in May 2014 I ran the Vancouver International Marathon and qualified to run Boston in 2015. So here I am starting again. Welcome to my journey.