Getting it wrong

I’ve decided to hold back on racing till I get in better shape. Hopefully a ½ marathon in October will see me back at race pace. Until then I will cheer from the sidelines. So far this year I have watched one race and followed two others online.  Watching a race is lots of fun, even online.  As I talk with others who are preparing for a race, I remember the excitement of the unknown. Lots of preparation goes into a race, then taper week hits and we have lots of time for the self doubts to come in our head. Have I been getting it wrong before all my races?

Why am I so nervous about this race? What’s going to be my final time in the race? Will I hit the wall? Can I really do this?

All these questions come to me before every race. Never mind my reoccurring dream about sleeping in and showing up to the starting line late. I have had this dream before every race, causing me to wake up every hour during the night. I have never been late to a race, because this dream has me up and out of the house hours before the race starts.

How to do it right?

Maybe instead of visualizing the race and course, visualize that last long run during training where everything went right. I have reviewed my training log and remember quite a few of these. I have good memories of the training runs.  I barely remember the races.

Recall the training run when you are facing rough spots during the race. You have done the work, now the race is your reward. I think we have all heard this line before. Maybe it’s right. Just remember how much fun that training run was and try to recreate that during the race.  Let me know if it works for you.