Run Slower to Run Faster

I sent out a group email to see if anyone wanted to go for a run. I’ve been experiencing a runner’s high after my runs that leave me giddy for the rest of the day. I wrote the email after a 10 mile run in the rain that was my best run of year. Not the fastest, just left me feeling good. This may explain the unusual invite. The replies I received follow after the interview. Everyone replied to all, so inboxes were filling up that day. The replies made me giddier (if that’s a word) and glad for my friends.

an excerpt of an interview with David by David

David: So David, whats up with this new training technique that guarantees a PB in your next race?

David: Well David, there’s no guarantee, but it has worked with three runners so far.

David: How’s it work?

David: Being old and slow these days and not wanting to run alone, I invited Kathleen for a run. Scott happened to be there as well. We ran at my new slow pace. Another thing that happened was that at my new pace I couldn’t talk while running. Running and breathing was about all I could do, so Kathleen and Scott did all the talking.

David: And this worked?

David: Yes. After one workout, Scott obtained a PB in the WPS 1/2 marathon and Kathleen a PB in the Physio Fit 10K. After another Tuesday workout, Kathleen obtained another PB in the Fargo 1/2 Marathon.

David: You said three runners, not three races.

David: Yes, the third runner was Joanne who obtained a PB in the full Fargo marathon. She didn’t run with me on a Tuesday night run, but on her last long Sunday run.

David: Surely, they had trained hard for these races on their own and one run with you is not going to change things.

David: I can only speak to the results, but all are welcome to try.

David: OK! When is the next run?

David: David I’m glad you asked. The next run is Tuesday May 29th at 6:15pm at the Duck Pond. We will run at least one lap of the park (3.2 miles) and for those who want more we can add on another 2 miles.

David: Thanks I’ll be there.

David: Your welcome I’ll be there too, and please invite a friend.

Email repsonses

Awe…nice story…look forward to running with you soon!! MS

Cute David, I may try and make it. EK

Love your interview David! WS

Wow! Sounds great David, see you at the Duck Pond on Tuesday at 6:15 pm. PS

You are too funny! What’s my next challenge, last year was the red hair, this year the shirt, let’s keep going! I’ll see you Tuesday unless it’s pouring. How wet did you get this morning? My eggs were great!!!! Glad to be running with you again! KE

I can’t make it this week but please keep me in the loop- I want to try a run not on the “dreadmill” soon! SD

I can’t wait!! Sounds too good to not be there. KW

Anyone feel like a glass of wine after running slower to run faster? It’s half-price house wine at OJs night. PS

You had me at the wine part, half price is just a bonus!! KW

This is great!!! I can’t believe that Scott did all the talking!!! That does not sound like him at all! L&D

Yes my interest peaked on the half price wine lap too. I have company this Tuesday but have it on my perpetual calendar for next Tuesday. GK