Your Pace or Mine

Race Recap from the Physio Fit 10km Race

After we got our excuses out at the start line, my feet were swollen in the morning (I’m only out for a run), Kathleen had that 2nd glass of wine and some ice cream and Scott still recovering from a cold and his PB at the Police 1/2 last weekend.

It was a perfect day for a run (me) and race (Scott and Kathleen).

The horn sounded and off we went, Kathleen and Scott in the lead with me 10 feet behind. The pace felt good until I looked at my watch, seven something per mile. I decided to slow down figuring I would see the two speeders later on. Scott’s plan was to wear Kathleen out early. My first mile was 7:57 with a max pace of 7:07

I was able to see them during the first part of the race running side by side. Then somewhere around the parking lot after the service road Kathleen took the lead. I declined the water station at this point which I think now was a mistake. I caught up with Scott somewhere after the Formal Gardens. Kathleen was still in site at the 5km marker when I yelled out at her that I was near, hoping to put her in panic mode. She turned and didn’t see Scott as he was in camouflage wearing black shorts and the white race shirt along with the majority of the racers. After which Scott and I took a walk break, which hadn’t occurred to me but was what I needed badly.

I managed to run with Scott or slightly behind him to the parking lot after the service road, when I noticed he picked up his pace. I thought he’s making his move. I stopped in the parking lot and walked with some water. Scott also stopped at the last table (I stopped at the first table) by which time I had started running again. Soon after my watch beeped 5 miles. My breathing was similar to when I do sprints. My chest was on fire. I figured less than a mile to go. Then I saw Randy from Road Kill who is in my age group, so he now was my motivation to beat so I could move up one in my age group. I looked back for Scott on the corners and didn’t know if it was him or Randy as they both had similar clothing on. The last 1/4 mile was hard, but knowing the finish line was near and the pain would be over soon was the motivation to finish.

Kathleen set a new PB for the 10km and Scott graciously presented her with the Faster than U shirt. I got away with no pie in the face. Lots of great draw prizes given out but we didn’t win any.

My time 51m19s 8m10s/mile pace

In the 5km race Joanne, Connie and Christie ran a great negative split race.

Is the shirt a good luck charm? Scott wins it with a PB in the Police 1/2 and now Kathleen wins it with a PB in the Physio 10km.

We need to find out when Kathleen’s next race is to see if more PB’s can be obtained and will she retain the shirt?

Thanks to Scott and Kathleen for putting up with my trash talk this week and dragging my butt to the finish line. I’m 12 minutes off my time from last fall but so much more happier to be out running now.