Trash Talk

Over the past three years, I have run with a regular group of friends.  We have named our group “Your Pace or Mine”, to obtain Boston Bucks as we socialize after our Wednesday night runs. The deal at Boston Pizza is that we get a percentage of our bills back in the form of Boston Bucks to go towards a party at the end of the season.The group name is appropriate as there is some difference in every-ones normal pace, which changes due to injury, time of year or which race each is training for. The pace of the Wednesday night runs really doesn’t matter. The social aspect/therapy/(insert emotional stuff here) of running with friends is a significant part of the reason we run together.

Sometime over the past few years some friendly trash talk arose in the group about who beat who in races. It was in this friendly vein that when I saw a t-shirt that read “Faster than U” I thought of the group and purchased the shirt to give to the winner of any race that we were in. If the current Owner of the shirt lost a race to someone in the group the shirt was to be given to the new winner. Kind of like the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, in which the leader of the previous stage wears the yellow jersey in the next stage. My thought was to motivate the group to train harder for the bragging rights of wearing the shirt, but the shirt was ugly enough that one really didn’t want to wear it, so the consolation of not winning the race was you didn’t have to wear the shirt.;One stipulation is that the shirt must be washed before the next race in case it has a new Owner. Another stipulation is that not all in the group qualify for the shirt, as we set a faster than time for it.So anyone with a time faster than 1h50m in a ½ marathon is not qualified for the shirt. I think we set a 50min time limit in the 10 km distance.

This past weekend the Winnipeg Police Services ½ Marathon was held and Scott has retained the shirt, for his second ½ marathon race of the year. He also got a PB in the race. A great start of the season for Scott. Kris who came in second also had a great race, and commented “What an Awesome day to be alive! Even thou I got beat by a boy!! If they could bottle this feeling!! Priceless”. The trash talk still remains friendly, which is great.

I don’t qualify for the shirt as I have surpassed both the ½ marathon and 10km time limits. Except now that I’m in recovery mode because of my illness due to my kidney disease, I’m not sure of what my race pace is. When I was healthy, to motivate Scott I suggested that he could throw a pie in my face if he ever beat me in a race. Some more friendly trash talk which may come back to haunt me this Saturday. I’ve entered in the Physio-Fit 10km race and my goal is to finish the race. I looked at who has entered this weekend’s race and Scott’s name is not on the list. However, you can declare to not have your name displayed when entering the race and a blank is submitted for your name.  When I did a search for Scott’s name a blank response was returned. So Scott, are you in the race? Do I need to work on my speed this week? Maybe I should try and limit my trash talk in case I have to eat it this weekend.

If I do have to eat it this weekend, I like lemon meringue pie!