The Zeroth Mile

Well here it is April 2012 and the Boston Marathon has come and gone. Though some runners are still feeling the affects of the heat from this years race.  I’ve been back running for a few weeks after 4 months of zero miles. 19 miles is my tally for this week. Issues with my kidney disease are still there. Not much to report on in that front, except that we are still monitoring the condition and a decision will be made in June if treatment is required. Exercise seems to take away the fatigue.  So I have been building up my mileage. I watched Boston 2012 on my computer and followed the Winnipeg runners online. Kudo’s to all who ran this year in the sweltering heat. If I was there I probably would have run as well. PB’s were not in site.

My new goal is to run Boston 2013. I can use my Marathon from October 2011 as a qualifier, as well as Boston offered a deferral to runners who picked up their bibs for 2012 who did not run. So I’m in!

I thought I had created a word when competing for the line up at the dessert table at a family gathering, when my kids/nieces and nephews were calling dibs on first, second, third etc. I yelled out I’m zeroth, to get my dessert before them. I got challenged and won. Zeroth is a word. I may not have used it in the right context but I won the challenge and gave up my spot in line. I liked the word so I created my own definitions

Zeroth mile;  all the miles run in training for a race.  or in my case 1,000 miles not run in not training for Boston 2012.

Zeroth place; running PB during a training run.

Zeroth post; blogs written in my head but not posted during the past four months.

This blog may change its looks in the next while. It will be about my journey to run the Boston Marathon. Hopefully in 2013.