No. 2 Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen has a song titled “Glory Days”, which is actually pretty depressing. Sitting around talking about how good things used to be. Yuck!  So with that I present my year in review and more importantly what Glory Day’s lie ahead.


I ran on six different pairs of shoes this year, five pairs of which are retired. I was looking at buying a new pair when my illness occurred, so I will put that off for a while. The only pair that I have remaining are my racing shoes which have 180 miles on them. I use them for racing and speed training. The first four pairs are the same model that are not available any more.  Pair five is not manufactured any more as well, but may be available through outlet stores.  I am looking forward to trying new shoes on when able.


I have kept track of my mileage from Dec 26, 2010. So with no more miles to put in before this Christmas my total for the past year is 2,220 miles. I have run on 258 days and have had 107 days off, an average of 8.6 miles per day run. These miles were run in four provinces and in one state. I am looking forward to running with friends again. Distance and pace are not a concern. Mileage put in with friends are the best.


I have run in nine races this year which is three more than last year. 

Marathons  – 2;  Marathon relay – 1;  ½ Marathons  – 3;  10 km – 1;  5 km – 1;  Beer/Pop  Mile – 1

I obtained a PB for my current age group in the 10 km, ½ marathon and Marathon.

I am looking forward to running at least one race next year.  Will it be Boston?  If it is that will be a bonus, but it will not be at a PB pace.

Medal Count

Do medals count? This past year placing in a race was a priority for me.  I was so excited to place in my age group in four races, 3rd in the Frost Bite 5 km race,  2nd in the Winnipeg Police Services ½ Marathon, 2nd in the Diabetes ½ Marathon, and 1st in the Empower 10 km race.  Ok, there were not many contestants in my age group in each race (3/9, 2/49, 2/22, and 1/11), but in the Diabetes ½ marathon and 10 km races are where I had two of my PB’s and that was exciting. Next year I look forward to a participation medal in a race as well as brunch at the Fort Whyte Centre after the Hypo-Thermic half race that I have registered for. I could probably sell my bib, but that would mean no brunch celebrating my friends achievements.

Glory Days

It has been a great year for me. However, the best of the Glory Days are yet to come. The future is unknown, but for sure it will be glorious.