No. 5 & 4 Recovery

My biopsy went well yesterday. I was worn out after the days events, but not in pain. The Doctors and Nurses took excellent care of me at St Boniface Hospital. They are a hardworking and dedicated staff.  Now we wait for the results, which may come in two weeks due to laboratory overload and staff holidays. In the meantime I recover from the biopsy, which has me restricted from doing anything physical for at least a week.  I have also decided to start taking something for the fluid retention. So far I’m up about 30 lbs from my weigh in after the Toronto Marathon, and am to lose no more than 1 lb per day. I hope to lose only 15 to 20 lbs from the medication, which will bring me back to my pre-race weight.

I am envious now when I see someone out running. Wishing them well and wishing I could join them. The weather has been fantastic for winter running this past week with more in the immediate forecast.

Doc’s office just called as I was about to post this. They expect preliminary results from the biopsy tomorrow afternoon. Crossing my fingers for good news.