No. 6 One Day at a Time

When will I be able to run again? How long will it take me to get back in shape? What races will I run next year?

My concerns about my health are all around running. Not, What’s wrong with me? When will I get better? What kind of treatment will I have?

My questions have been my normal thoughts during the past year. Everything has revolved around running. Late movie Saturday night?  Mmmmm, Ok I’m only doing 12 in the morning.Burger and fries for lunch, someone else’s treat. No, thanks I’m doing speed work tonight, I need something light.

Having a schedule and goal has kept me focused for the past year. I still need the goal to focus on. What happens tomorrow during my biopsy will happen and the results will be delivered. I can’t affect any of it. I will deal with what happens and then start running again. What will my new running reality be? I don’t know, as I will take my recovery one day at a time, towards my goal.