No. 8 and 7 Determination

Watching an athlete excel in their sport is very emotional. We went to the Canadian Wrestling Olympic Trials yesterday to watch Leah Callahan compete in the 72 kg Freestyle division. She had to win during the round robin to proceed to the Gold Medal match against the reigning wrestler who represented Canada in the Beijing Olympics. To win the round robin event Leah had to win the best of three matches against a teammate from her club. It was a great matchup that had Leah working hard to win in two bouts. Next up was the finals in which she needed to win two matches each consisting of the best of three bouts.

The first bout of the first match was a bit of a get to know you dance with Leah winning. The second bout, had Leah show her strength and wrestling intelligence by out wrestling her opponent in spectacular fashion to dominate the first match. The second match had her opponent change her strategy by taking a different stance that seemed to work as she was up one point with 12 seconds left in the first round. Then it appeared that the fire in Leah’s belly burnt hot, and she showed her determination to win by overpowering her opponent to get a point in the last second to tie the first bout. The second bout continued the same way with Leah dominating her opponent by lifting her off the mat and winning in a decisive pin to the mat. Thus, confirming her spot on the Canadian Olympic team.

After her win, was the first time that any emotion appeared on Leah’s face.  She was so in her own space during the competition that there was no emotion leaking out from her tough exterior. It was a different Leah after her final win with her whole body appearing to smile.

It was an exciting day that had me out of the house for about four hours, after which I had a great nap. I’m so hoping that I can start treatment soon, and this fatigue that I’m feeling will go away. Today’s venture had me out for an hour for coffee with friends after their run. I miss the camaraderie of the after run get together.  I felt as I had run today and went for another nap after.