No. 9 Spirit of Future Races

I’ve been questioning myself as to why do I want to run the Boston Marathon.  The reason for the questioning is that there is a chance that I may not be able to. I have an upcoming procedure on Tuesday next week to determine why my kidneys are not functioning properly, and also to determine a course of treatment. The course of treatment varies with the problem, but worst case scenario may mean no more running. The Doctors want to wait for the biopsy to be done before they give me a prognosis, which is the proper thing to do. However, a Google search gives the whole gamit of causes and treatment. The worst of which is not favorable for me running Boston in April 2012.  Thus, the questioning.

To run Boston would be amazing. Just because it’s the oldest marathon in existence, is a minor blip on the radar. I just think it would be incredibly fun. Ok, running 26 miles and 385 yards may not sound like fun to the average person. But who said runners are average.  Runners are, well let’s just say different. Runners are “special”. The adrenaline rush of pushing yourself to run the distance is hard to describe. The crowd support is a runners drug. My recent experience with the crowds in Fargo and Toronto confirm that. Unknown spectators cheering you on, lying to you that you look great, and you can do it. Boston is supposed to be lined up for the full distance of the most enthusiastic crowd in the sport. The music at the Fargo Marathon was uplifting. Every mile a live band playing Rock and Roll.  Elvis, Johnny Cash, CCR, Blues Brothers,… made you want to dance during the race. There was no wall. Boston is supposed to be the best there is.

I’ve been visualizing running Boston for the past year during training runs. It is now something I have to do. So I pray to the spirit of future races for a Christmas miracle that will let me run the Boston Marathon in 2012.