No. 11 Ghosts of Races Past

As I was waiting in Emerg last night waiting for 7 hours to get a referral to a specialist, I was thinking about the upcoming winter races that I may miss. Due to the late hour of the night I was able to only write part of this post last night and not post it.

First up is the Frosty Nipple Run on January 1st, in which you run with running suits and swimwear on only. Due to some modesty laws, the only frosty nipples to be seen will be those of the men. The race as I understand it is a run around a parking lot. More time is spent getting the group picture than actually is spent running. I have never run this one, but do have it on my list should I be in town and able to run. Later in the morning is a 5km Resolution run. A great run to let your family know you’re serious about this running thing.

Later on in January is a 5km Frostbite run on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers at the Forks. I ran it last year and true to its name I received Frost bite on my face and three toes. I also received a 3rd place certificate for my age category.

A Mid-winter race that is re-known for the great brunch after is the Hypothermic half marathon at Fort Whyte. A great race that is well organized is run in three waves. The first group is mostly finished by the time the second group starts, and same for the third group start. The reasons for the three wave system are twofold. The race is partially run on trails that may not be able to handle the number of runners. But more importantly is the size of the dining hall to serve up amazing feast at the end of the race. I’ve run the second wave and as we finished the race and enter the dining hall, the first wave runners are just finished eating. We get to trade a few stories of the day as they are leaving and we dig into our food. By the time we were finished eating the third wave is just coming in. More celebrations and we are homeward bound. The popularity of this race and food is such that you have to register in November for the end of February race.

The end of the winter or early spring race is the Winnipeg Police Services half marathon at the beginning of May. I put this as a winter race because last year there was a snow storm the night before the race that left the race course snow and ice covered. This is another popular event that sells out every year.  It is also well organized event.

So far I have registered for the 2nd wave of the Hypothermic half marathon for the end of February 2012. Race it or run it doesn’t matter as much as I will be there for the food after.