Setbacks and Progression

I guess I have to write the bad with the good.

First bad: Last week my GPS watch would only hold a charge for a half an hour. Yes its beyond the warranty date. Yes they will replace it under an extended warranty replacement plan that they sell at a cost of half the original price. With a Postal strike on, my wrist will be naked for another week or so. It’s a different feeling for sure. I now look at a clock when I leave and return to the house. I have also been running routes that I know to get the distances as well as asking friends, How far was that? What was the time? I’ll be glad when the watch is back.

Second bad: I went to physio to check out a little nagging pain in my lower legs that increased over the past month. Where the pain is and where Stephanie the Queen of Pain, and her associate Trista work their magic are two different places. On both legs my soleus muscles were getting increasingly tender during the past month. The pain was not full time until after the Manitoba relay. So I went in and Stephanie worked the calf muscles that were very tight. I thought my calves were fine, but I don’t disagree with the Queen of Pain, hoping she will take it easy on me.  The way I understand it is that everything is connected and the calf muscles are contracting and the result is a pulling on the soleus.  After two visits last week and one this week  my right leg is pain free and my left leg was pain free when I last left Trista on Monday.  I did go for a 5 mile run and the pain decided it liked its new home and stayed in the left soleus. I have another session with Trista on Thursday.

First good: I do have a core workout plan, that I’ve read. I figure that since I’m in therapy I should not overdo this strengthening thing and only work on one issue at a time. Did I mention I don’t like core workouts? I did do some work at the cottage on the weekend that should count for some upper body workout.

Second good: The pain is not affecting my runs, but I have reduced the length and pace of them. This recreational running could be habit forming.  There is a 5km race on July 9th that I will decide whether to run or not closer to the date. It will depend how my recovery is going.

Third good:  The results for the Manitoba Marathon relay were re-posted. I guess one team was disqualified and for another the category was changed.  Anyhow, we moved up a position. I have  edited the last post with the new positions. 

Three goods outnumber the two bads, this is progression.