JPT – 16 Forever

It always amazes me how some things come together. I was out for an easy 8 mile run this morning from home for a lap of the Assiniboine Park. As I was running, I was thinking of a motivational talk that Joanne asked me to give for her Half Marathon clinic.  She asked me to do the talk a few weeks ago, and as I have been formulating it, I realized that while I have asked other’s to share their stories online, I haven’t put mine up there. Those that I have run with have heard part of my story during runs, and if all the parts were put together it would make the whole story.  The clinic will be the first to hear it altogether, before I post it online.  The point that I will make in my talk is that everyone needs to have their own story for running. If I can inspire them in some small way, that would be nice.  Back to how things came together this morning. Part of my story deals with deaths of people close to me.  As I was thinking of those who are no longer with us, I happened to be leaving the park.  I decided to stop and read the inscription on a cross that was erected last month. At the exit from the Park on the south side of Wellington Crescent on the east side at the base of a tall elm tree is a white cross with the inscription “JPT May 10, 1955 – May 10, 1971”.  A bible verse is also quoted that makes me think JPT was male.  JPT died on his 16th birthday.  I don’t know any more about JPT other than the information on the cross. But he inspired me for my last two miles this morning as my pace picked up without me noticing it until I reviewed my watch after the run.

For Sunday’s race the end point of my part of the Marathon relay is 500 meters before the cross. I will be thinking of JBT and others that are no longer with us during the race and use them as my inspiration to run a good race.  I will also visit JBT’s memorial to pay my respects after.