Still Having Fun

Week 2 is now complete and I’ve already deviated a bit from the plan. I went for a training run with Jeremy and Bert from my office team that turned into speed work. I ran my fastest mile for the year (6m12s) that night.  Coach politely reminded me to save the racing for the races. With my pride still intact at the office water cooler, I promised to get back to the plan.  The remaining of the weeks runs did go well and according to plan.  Two early morning runs before work in cooler weather, which were nice as the evening runs are getting hot. For core training, does riding my bike to work and back count? I also did yard work yesterday. I give myself to the end of this week to have a core training plan in effect. More promises.  My long run of 8.5 miles today, which ended the week with 34 miles has whetted my appetite for more.

I checked out the race schedule for Winnipeg and decided on a 10km Provincial Championship race in Kildonan Park on September 18th.   I’m debating between the Diabetes 1/2 marathon on September 5th (Labour Day) and the Niverville 1/2 marathon on September 24th.  A 5km race is a bit more difficult to choose as most seem to be fun runs.

The Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon is on October 16th which is 18 weeks away is also on my horizon.  While, I will start my training for this marathon now, I’m a bit nervous about it and not sure why? When I decided to run another marathon after 25 years since my last one in 1984, I said two more marathons. The first was to qualify for Boston and the 2nd would be Boston.  On the finish line in Fargo, I knew there would be more.  “How fast can I run?”, is the question that I need to answer.  Maybe I’m nervous about the realization of the answer.  I am happy with my results now but know I can still produce faster times. Will I know the answer when it is in front of me?

On a less heady topic, I went for dinner on Friday night with my friends that run to celebrate our achievements in Fargo. This group started out as a group that I would refer to as running friends and during the past year and a bit has now changed to my friends that run.  It was a great night of sharing stories, some even about Fargo and quickly turned into, what’s next?

Next is the Manitoba Marathon weekend (June 19th) which some friends are running in the half marathon. I will be running the 2nd leg of the full marathon relay, under my company team name “Hatch Powerhouse”, wearing new black singlets. Lets hope for cooler weather.