Start at the Finish Line

Last things first.

One day I will be on the podium placing in a race and my acceptance speech will be to thank God for my talent, my Family for their love and support, my running friends for their friendship and my coach for believing in me and putting together a plan to get me there.  I have had this speech in my head for a while but have never been on a podium. I want to be on a three tier one.  My thanks still go out at the end of each race.

April 16, 2012 race day for the Boston Marathon (Goal time 2 hr 59min 59 sec) and September 12, 2011 is my registration date.

Visualize the course, the race and the finish line during training runs. I did this for Fargo and got teary eyed as I was visualizing the finish line during a training run as I had qualified for Boston in my head. I told this to my running mates during the run. So when Lisa emailed me to say she hoped I would be crying on the finish line in Fargo, it was a good thing. Yes I was teary eyed at the finish line at Fargo, just ask Kris who crossed the finish line for the half marathon at the same time as I crossed for the full. The half started way after the full start.

Train smart.  Get checked out if injured. Stretch. Do core strength training. (yuck) Stick with the plan. Eat healthy foods. Have fun. Repeat often.

Warm- up races. I want to run PB’s in a 5km, 10km and a ½ Marathon this year. I haven’t chosen any races yet.  I’m currently registered to run the Manitoba relay (2nd Leg) with my office team on June 19th. I’m still debating about a fall marathon.

First things last.

Train. This week has been fun. Running easier paces and shorter distances with friends. Seemed a bit like a homecoming. Getting caught up with everyone’s life’s.  Some are injured, some not. Winston, you and your mother are in my prayers. Carey and Kyler who got engaged on the finish line in Fargo are moving to Calgary. We’ll miss you on the runs Carey with your distinct but fast gait. Elton will be stationed in Afghanistan for part of this year. Be safe and I hope you are still able to make music over there. We’ll go for a run when you get back.

Kris in pink on left and me on right at finish line in Fargo