Kathleen’s Story

I wanted to tell this story as David is such a huge inspiration to me. I met him when he was one of the pace leaders in the 10km clinic. I never thought I’d ever run a half marathon and actually enjoy myself and it was David that convinced me to sign up for a half marathon clinic. With my niece, I signed up for the Fargo half clinic for the Fargo 2010 race. I had a great time, met incredible people and surpassed my goal of a 2 hour finish. I’ve always been one to play team sports and through David’s organization and meeting new friends at the Running Room, I’ve been able to turn my running into a team sport. This has made it much more enjoyable. This spring, after a long, cold winter, I was off to New York City as a chaperone for a school trip (I teach grade 9). Upon learning that I would have this opportunity, I quickly checked the race schedules for the area and discovered that there was indeed a race in Queens later on in the week. I knew if would be a long tiring week of sightseeing, so part of me had no expectations. However, David handed me a silly challenge that actually motivated me during the race. I ran the New York 13.1 on April 2nd with my friend Nina. It was a beautiful day, sunny and we had the knowledge that there was free beer at the finish line. The course took us by the Arthur Ashe Stadium, Shea Stadium and through the gorgeous Flushing Meadows Park. My silly challenge was that if I had a personal best David would dye his hair red (I had previously done the same a few weeks earlier). By mile 8, I was feeling great, looking at my watch I knew I would get that time. I started composing my email to David in my head as a distraction. I knew he would be one of the first people I’d have to write to when I got back to the hotel, as he is always sending out great emails to organize and inspire us. I crossed the finish line in 1:53:56 and was ecstatic. In the back of my mind I knew David was one of my huge motivators. Upon returning to the hotel a few hours later, David had already emailed me with congratulations since he was keeping tabs on the race! I want to thank him for pushing me and getting me out to run in the sun, rain, wind and snow. I’ve stayed with a sport that I didn’t think I would and I’ve met more incredible running partners and friends. I wish David all the best on his road to Boston (I think running with my boxer named Boston has helped him!), and I think the red hair suits him!

10 Km Clinic Group plus Scott