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Well it’s been 10 days since I qualified for Boston and I haven’t run since.  Recovery week after a marathon is similar to Taper week before a Marathon, both play games with your head.

I’ve had this domain for a year, originally thinking of blogging about qualifying for Boston. Well that didn’t happen (the blogging part) for a varity of reasons. So now its about my training for the 2012  Boston Marathon. I qualified to run Boston by running the Fargo Marathon  (May 21, 2011) in a time of 3 hrs 11 min 16 sec, which allows me to register early for the 50-54 age category. One thing about running is that you have to tell your age.  During my training for Fargo I kept in touch with my running group by email, a sort of precursor to this blog and found the encouragement I received helped me during training as I was working out of town during most of the time returning to Winnipeg on weekends for my long runs.  Thus, a lot of my away runs were solo.  A big debt of gratitude to my email group for reading and replying to my emails. But more importantly for their friendship and for running with me when I was back in town. You have helped me tremendously in qualifying for Boston.

In developing this site, one thought I had was why blog about it? and the answer I have is that I enjoy writing about running. Lets see if I get better at both the writing and running part. I also thought of the people I run with and their amazing stories, that should be told as well. I hope they share them here as well.  Also as we are so fortunate to be able to run and tell stories about it when so many can’t is how I  decided on the Charity portion of the site. Some of the stories of families and friends of runners and runners themselves I’ve heard on my runs are  a reminder of how fortunate we as runners are.   See the Charity portion of the site for more. I hope you are able to support this endeavor. Well the first step of this blog is done and I will have the first 30 minutes of my training done tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this adventure.

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  1. David
    Great start. I have added it to my favorites, and look forward to following along your journey. I may not always comment, but I’m very interested in how your journeys have gone. I’m very excited for you for Boston, and know that you are very driven to reach goals. Glad to read that you actually took the break, I’m sure this has been very difficult for you. I hope to be able to run with you again sometime. Go get em tiger……

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